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Preparing text pages
The inside pages of your MiniBük (we call them interior pages) make up the page count of your book.
Before figuring out how many pages you have, it is necessary to format your text into a MiniBük format.
A MiniBük format begins with an 8-1/2 in. x 11 in. page layout for text. This way your book will exist in a standard size for other uses. Use any software that can convert finished pages to a PDF document.
Artwork, photos, charts, etc. may be inserted as you format your text. Interior pages are printed in black (one color) on white stock.
Helpful tips for text
1. Format your text into pages in a program such as Microsoft Word (whatever program you use, make sure it can export files to PDF)
2. Use an 8-1/2 in. (wide) x 11 in. (height) page size.
3. Set page margins at 1-1/2 in. on left and right, and 1 in. at top and bottom
4. Use 22 pt. font size or larger for your text, this way the reduced pages (to fit the 3-1/2 in. x 5 in. page size of a MiniBük Format) will be easily read in the finished book. And, you will have a matching digital file that looks great on iPads and other displays.
Ways to get a cover
1. Design your own cover and simply send it to us in PDF format. Click here to download a Cover Template for a 90-110 page count book.
2. Choose from one of our MiniBük Cover Designs. We will arrange your cover for a nominal charge.
3. Have our MiniBük Design Team create a Custom Cover for you. We'll need your input, of course. Charges depend on your particular cover requirements. Contact us about a Custom Cover.
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